Sacking of Cricketers Get Revealed by Journalist

Journalist of private news channel revealed some important information from the Pakistan cricket board after the dismal performance of the whole team in the ongoing world cup matches. Team management also had written a detailed report about some players who did not abide by the rules and regulations of the code of conduct.

Journalist said that he had information from his resources and they have informed him that the team management also wanted some strict actions against some players who were involved in the grouping of the Pakistan cricket team. The anchor asked him about the sacking of other officials who selected those players.

His source also informed him about the names of the cricketers who are supposed to lose their selection in the side. Chief selector of the national team also was part of the discussion who was doing earlier his job in the cricket board but then moved to the selection committee. Despite of the suggestions of the friends and colleagues of chief selector he accepted the job.

Source of journalist was from the team management who said that all the actions will be taken after the end of the ongoing event in India. Some cricketers seemed to be involved in the grouping of the team. They did not want captain of the side to be on top of the game by winning the match.

Journalist was pretty much sure of the sacking of some cricketers including the head coach of the team whose contract might not be continued after watching the performance of the team. Lots of criticism has been made upon the inclusion of some players who did not perform well in the domestic season but there were selected in the side just because of the good relations with the selection committee.

Journalist News About Sacking of Players

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