Reception of Shahid Afridi in Attock

Reception of Shahid Afridi was held in Attock when the all round cricketer and famous hitter went to a village after the world cup. All the supporters had come to witness their star all rounder cricketer. They were giving him respect as if he was a King of cricket. The video of that arrival of Shahid Afridi was recorded by one of the mobile phones that the supporters had with them.

Reception of King Shahid Afridi got many people excited when they watched the video of the visit of Shahid Afridi cricketer to the village of Attock. He went there to thank all the people and the fans that have been supporting throughout his career. Shahid Afridi had given some hints of leaving cricket as a cricketer and remained with his foundation for the charity works.

All the supporters and fans around him pushed him to take back his decision of giving up cricket as a cricketer. He was told by his friends and relatives that people of his county really were sad to see him leaving cricket that they have been watching for his cricket. Shahid Afridi then had to change his decision.

News of reception of cricketer Shahid Afridi in Attock was also told on the social media when someone from the supporters shared the video. Shahid Afridi was given protocol as if he was from some elite class. They all were treating him as the cricketer was a king. All the roses were thrown on him when he entered that town. It could be seen that he has the fame just like any world star.

The reception happened right after when the cricketer had come back to his county after the poor performance of the cricket team and after Shahid Afridi quit his captaincy. He said that as a cricketer he loved the game just he got all the love from the supporters.

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