Rashid Latif Scores Smallest Six in Cricket History

Cricket history of smallest six was made when a Pakistani wicket keeper batsman amazed the whole world. That was the most amazing ball on which six runs were scored. The wicket keeper of Sri Lanka team was also surprised to see that incident since he could have done nothing to stop the batsman doing that.

Cricket History of sixes kept on amazing supporters of that sport. The match was being televised on the global world and every fan of this sport was watching it through their homes. They could not have been so surprised when they heard and watched a ball on which the batsman of Pakistan team Rashid Latif scored six runs.

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Rashid Latif swept a ball off the bowling of a spinner of Sri Lanka team and the ball bounced of his bat. The ball then bounced over the head of the wicket keeper Sangakara and hit the helmet that was placed behind him. Everybody knew that there has been a rule if the ball ever hit the helmet on field it could cost six runs to the batting side since the helmet belonged to the bowling side.

Such cricket history shot was so amazing that the commentators also did not help talking about it. The umpire signaled to the captain of the Sri Lanka team with his hands that six runs have been given to the batting side and Rashid Latif. The signal of that six was not like the normal six runs signal by the umpire from West Indies.

Amazing cricket history ball was bowled by the spinner of Sri Lanka who was quite disappointed by the captain and wicket keeper of Sri Lanka team. The amazing thing of that incident was that the shot was played by a wicket keeper too while the shot went over the head of the wicket keeper too.

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