Rare Way of Getting out South Africa Batsman

South Africa batsman Devilliers was very difficult to get out when he was playing in Indian premier league match. His team needed only six runs and the bowling side was not able to get him out due to his form. Bowlers really were desperate to get his wicket. The fielder got the way of getting him out at the boundary line when he took a remarkable catch.

South Africa batsman was batting in great form in the Indian premier league. He along with other batsman at the non striking end was doing great to win the match for their team. That was the time when young bowlers of India needed to get him out to win the match since the match was even at that stage. They could not find a way to beat the deliveries.

The fielder of the bowling side had the answer of the entire question that was raised by the batsman who was unstoppable at that moment. The batsman played a shot towards the boundary in the air and all the people of India were hoping it to be a huge six over mid wicket. The fielder of the bowling side had something else to say when he jumped over the rope and caught a blinder to dismiss him.

Batsman of South Africa could not believe his eyes when he was caught and had to go to the pavilion in the end while the match looked to be even. After the dismissal of him on the third ball of the Indian premier league, the batting side needed a big hit so that they could win the match. The match seemed to be leaking out of their hands.

Another South Africa batsman was playing good cricket despite of the heat in the stadium since the Indian premier league was being held in the month of summer. It was quite difficult for the overseas players to play in that condition since the players of India have been used to play in such weather. Despite of the hot weather the batsman played very well.


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