Rare Video of Cricket Sixes of Shahid Afridi Gets Viral

Rare video of Cricket Sixes of Shahid Afridi got viral when it was shared on the social media. That innings of Shahid Afridi could not be aired on the TV since there was not any media coverage. The media people did not get to know about the innings that was played by the super star with his friends in the ground in the northern area.

Superb Cricket Sixes were hit by Shahid Afridi and his friends really enjoyed the innings played by him. The video of that rare video was being recorded by phone of one of the fan who was there to see Shahid Afridi playing tape ball. There was no media present there in that ground since it was a casual sport that was being played by the super star with his friends.

Video Link : http://dawntoday.com/RtWz9

Tape ball sport has been quite popular in the northern area. All the friends playing with the super star Shahid Afridi felt really amazing. There was no media coverage so all the people there enjoyed very much. That innings of Shahid Afridi had 2 huge sixes. The video footage showed that the former captain of the Pakistan team also had some enjoying moments without the presence of media.

Most Cricket Sixes have been hit by Shahid Afridi in international matches. He has achieved the world record beating another hitter of all time greats of Sri Lanka team. The left hander was also the man who was hit by Shahid Afridi when the former captain and all rounder of Pakistan made the world record of fastest century.

Those huge Cricket Sixes in the world record fastest century by Shahid Afridi amazed the whole world. Nobody expected such brutal hitting from a youngster who was just playing his second international match of his career. The interesting thing was that match was not also aired globally since there were also media issues and copy rights.

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