Rain of Sixes in Hong Kong Super Sixes Tournament

Rain of sixes in Hong Kong super sixes tournament held when Shahid Afridi came in the middle against the bowling line up of New Zealand. Shahid Afridi needed to hit sixes since they needed 82 runs on just 24 balls when Shahid Afridi went to take the strike. The amazing thing was the sixes were hit with one hand by the all round cricketer.

Hong Kong super sixes cricket tournament has been organized by the locals to promote cricket in that region so that all the fans of cricket could have a fun and also they could get the chance to see their super stars in their own country. All the teams of the cricket playing nations have been sending their teams to the tournament.

New Zealand cricket team faced the team that included all stars of the cricket teams of different countries that included Pakistan’s Shahid Afridi too. Shahid Afridi has been known as the top hitter of the cricket ball in the game of cricket since he smashed first century in his second one day international. He broke the record for the world fastest century. That record was kept by him for eighteen years.

Pitches of Hong Kong stadium were made by the mat and no bowler could be able swing or seam the ball. New Zealand cricket team was bowling when they had set the target for the all stars cricket team. They needed ninety runs in six over quota. Shahid Afridi was sent in the middle when his team needed eight two runs on just twenty four balls.

Hong Kong Super Sixes tournament was the one in which Shahid Afridi used his single hand to hit sixes. In that particular match all round cricketer of Pakistan cricket smashed the bowlers of New Zealand with one hand. Supporters of Shahid Afridi who had come there to see the big shots were really excited.

One Handed Sixes by Shahid Afridi

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