Qandeel Baloch Reveals Player Asking for Video

Qandeel Baloch the famous social media actress who has attracted the social media fan following revealed the fact that a Pakistani cricketer called her up for the bad video. Her video message came up on the social media in which she offered Pakistani cricket team for dance without clothes. That video message was shared on social media by lots of people.

Qandeel Baloch was criticized for using some language and gestures on the social media that were not good for the public. She has been doing that for quite some time but during the world cricket cup her video message became the town talk when everybody on social media attracted towards her. Her video message was not only watched in the local country but also in the neighboring countries as well.

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Such ladies from the showbiz industry have been running the image of the society. Along with her another lady from India also got popularity when she gave a video message just before the match of Pakistan cricket team against India. Although she intended to support Pakistani cricket team yet she was criticized for giving that message.

Qandeel Baloch blamed that Umer Akmal was the cricketer who asked her to release her video message on social media. All the guests and the female anchor were shocked to hear the name of the Pakistan cricket team player Umer Akmal. They might have not accepted whatever the actress said about Umer Akmal yet they were quite amazed at the statement.

Statement of Qandeel Baloch was quite disturbing for Umer Akmal as well. He was quite sad at her statement and denied all such rumors. He said that the lady was just trying to get the attention on the social media and he had not concern with her. That interview of the lady was very funny to some people as well.

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