Qandeel Baloch Blames Pakistani Cricketer for Video

Qandeel Baloch who had become the talk of the social media during the world cricket up, has told in the live show that a Pakistani cricketer asked her to release her dance video without clothes. The host of the program inquired her about the video message that was shared by her on the social media just before the match against India.

As per Qandeel Baloch one of the cricketers Umer Akmal talked to her on the phone when he asked her to share video message on the social media. The guests and the female anchor were quite shocked to hear the name of the cricketer. They just stopped speaking when they heard the lady talking about Umer Akmal.

Umer Akmal was quite shocked to hear his name being taken by the lady on the social media and in the live TV show. However he denied such rumors and said that it was all made up the actress so that she could public attention on the social media. He further said that he never talked about her, even he claimed that he never knew such a girl who has been blaming the cricket team and him.

Qandeel Baloch was called in the TV show so that the people could ask her about her latest video message that she shared on the social media just before the match of Pakistan cricket team against India. She gave a message about the indecent dance to be released once Pakistan cricket team had won the match.

Video message of Qandeel Baloch was to boost up the moral of the cricket team according to the lady actress. She replied in an answer to the question of female host. Umer Akmal was named by her who had asked her for the video message to be released on the social media. She said that she did not intend to share that dance on social media, she just wanted to make Pakistan win against India.

Qandeel Baloch Revealed Pakistani Cricketer Asking for Video Release

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