Press Conference for Umer Akmal Goes Wrong

Press conference for Umer Akmal went wrong when he forgot to answer the sports journalists in English. He was being asked questions in English language. Some of the sports journalists form Indian and Pakistan asked him question in Urdu but when it came to English language, he forgot to speak and answer them properly.

That press conference was held right after the match ended and Pakistan team won that match. Umer Akmal was named man of the match so he was asked to come in and answer some questions of sports journalists. At the start he was asked some questions in Urdu language by some of the Indian journalist but then later on some English speakers started to ask questions about his batting and match.

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Umer Akmal remained very calm when giving answer in English to the sports journalist from different foreign countries. There came a moment when he could not understand English of a person who asked him about playing left arm spin bowler. Umer Akmal tried to give answer in English but he did not know what he was asked.

At that press conference his team manager was also present who told him what he was being answered and what he had to give the reply. Despite of the fact that his manager translated his question of English into Urdu yet he could not translate the answer from Urdu to English. All the people who had watched that clip on the social media started to laugh.

The press conference became a joke for the people who had spoken English language. English has been a problem for all the Pakistani players since they have not got that much education. The joke in English by Umer Akmal became very popular. Some of the people on social media trolled his English language skills.

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