Press Conference Becomes Joke in English for Umer Akmal

Press conference became joke for Pakistani cricketer Umer Akmal when he forgot to speak English to answer the questions of some journalists. He tried his best to make them understand but his English language skills became joke for the sports journalists. They could not know what was Umer Akmal trying to answer.

Funny press conference was held at the end of the match in India when Pakistan cricket team won the match and Umer Akmal was rewarded man of the match. He has been very bold in his fashion but this time around made fun of his English language when he could not speak it properly. Umer Akmal forgot to understand the question of the journalist and could not answer.

Umer Akmal was trolled on the social media for his English language skills as he made fun of it by speaking not properly. Nobody at the event could understand what he was trying to say. The team manager was also there who tried to make him understand what was being asked to him by the sports journalist.

The Press conference meeting was not less than a joke for the Pakistani player who always tried to be in the news to get popularity. The reason was his English language skills. His expression in the video could tell anyone the story of his English language skills. All the journalists did not laugh at him but they definitely did get amused.

Video of that press conference was watched by so many youngsters from Pakistan on social media and they could not stop laughing at the English of Umer Akmal who started to give answer in Urdu to the sports journalists who belonged to Pakistan and India. Other English speakers journalist could not translated their queries to the manager of the team.

Umer Akmal English Becomes Joke

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