Pollard Fights With Shahid Afridi

Pollard Fights With Shahid Afridi. Chris Gayle was bamboozled by the bowling of Mustafiz Ur Rehman, the Bangladeshi bowler in the Bangladesh Premier league. The left hand batsman of West Indies was hitting quite well all the bowlers including the spinners in the match.  He was  being appreciated by the supporters of Bangladesh as well. Muhammad Amir has been the teacher of Mustafiz Ur Rehman. Mustafiz Ur Rehman clean bowled him with his beautiful delivery.

Chris Gayle has been the real hitter of the West Indies cricket team who has been playing in cricket league. He was hitting really hard all the bowlers while playing in the Bangladesh premier league. All the bowlers of the bowling side were getting stuck hard by the left hand batsman. Bangladesh bowler Mustafiz Ur Rehman the emerging left arm bowler troubled him big time.

Mustafiz Ur Rehman has admitted Pakistani bowler Muhammad Amir as his teacher and he really admired him. In that particular match the Gayle storm was stopped by Mustafiz Ur Rehman when he bowled a in swinging ball that came back very sharply. The left hand batsman could not pick the swing and the line of the ball.

Chris Gayle was clean bowled and he did not understand the ball of the left arm bowler.

Shahid Afridi vs Pollard

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