Politics Influences Cricket Board

Politics in cricket board of Pakistan destroyed the attraction of the people. The breaking news was told by the famous journalist who said that the recent captain of Pakistan team Shahid Afridi was to be sacked by the team selection. The team selection then got the orders from the office of the Prime Minister that he should be remained the captain of the Pakistan team till 2020.

Cricket board was about to drop Shahid Afridi from the team since his performance as the captain and as a player was not satisfied. During his captaincy Pakistan cricket team had to go through lots of defeats. Chief selector and the chairman of the PCB were directed to keep him till the year 2020 when politics came in to play.

Due to the political influence the chairman and the selection committee did not have any other option to go with Shahid Afridi as a captain of the side to lead in the world cup. That news was shared by the famous journalist on the private news channel. Shahid Afridi wanted to play for the country and he did not care whether he should have been the captain or only a player.

Cricket board of the Pakistan team has been run through politics for quite some time since the Government took charge. The news of the politics affecting the selection committee and the affairs of PCB was quite surprising for the fans of this country since they just wanted to be on the winnings side in the world cup.

Cricket Board was contacted by the House of Prime Minister and they asked chairman of PCB to not exclude the star all rounder form the team. He was further told that all the sponsors for revenue point of view have been depending on Shahid Afridi. They said they might be in loss if Shahid Afridi had been kicked out of the side.

Cricket Board Got Orders from Politics To Be Captain til 2020

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