Pilot Lands Plane in Water

Pilot landed Plane in the water in middle of the sea when its engine had some fault. The crew of the plane had checked everything before going for the flight. The incident happened right at that time when the plane was flying above the sea. The pilot felt something in the engine and suddenly the plane started to move awkwardly.

Passengers of the plane also felt really worried but they had not option other than trusting the pilot of the plane. All the passengers started to shout for help. the pilot and his mate who was sitting next to him, tried their level best to control the machine but they could not do so. The video was being captured by one of the camera that was fixed on the outfit of the pilot.

The video showed that the plane started to move and it landed on the surface of the sea. Suddenly they felt that the water of the sea started to come in the plane and they all were going to drown. The pilot and the other passengers had not option except they took out their life saving tubes that were placed in the aero plane.

The survivors of that plane were really sad after telling the incident that happened to them.

Video Link : http://dawntoday.com/mLYdk  

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