Picture of Masjid Nabvi in Saudi Arabia in Sky Amazes

Picture of Masjid Nabvi in Saudi Arabia appearing in the sky amazed the whole world. It looked none than a Miracle of Allah. The video was captured by the Muslims who were present there to perform their Hajj. It was quite cloudy all over the city and the in some patches of the sky, the clouds had formed the shape of the Masjid that was built by Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Saudi Arabia has been the place for all the Muslims of the world to perform their duties of Hajj. Muslims said that the clouds formation of the picture of the Masjid was a beautiful thing they had ever witness in their lives. Such picture of the Masjid Nabvi appearing on the sky of the country, was depicted in the documentary of Masjid Nabvi.

Video Link : http://dawntoday.com/DoTKO

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