Philippine Girl Wakes Up At Her Funeral

Philippine girl woke up at her own funeral that was declared dead by the doctors when she was taken to the hospital. The little girl was sick and could not recover from her disease. Her parents were really shocked to hear the news when she was admitted for the treatment in the hospital of Philippines. Strange incident happened when she was about to be buried on her own funeral.

The Philippine people who were family members of the young female child gathered at her funeral ceremony so that they could bury her. They all got surprised to see her breathing at the time her father gave her a last kiss. He could not believe his eyes when he saw his daughter coming back to the life again at her funeral ceremony.

All the family members and the parents of the little girl also got amazed and exited at the same time. An ambulance with the doctors from the nearby hospital reached at the place where she was about to be buried at her funeral ceremony. The little girl of Philippines started to wake up by opening her eyes as if she was asking for some water.

Philippine girl became the miracle of Almighty and the parents including the other family members who had come at the funeral ceremony thanked Allah for that miracle. She was then taken to another hospital where she was admitted for the treatment. The doctors of Philippines were also surprised to see her alive since they also were told that she was dead and was at her funeral ceremony.

Philippine baby girl showed the miracle of Allah and it was reported that some people started to believe in Allah and they had converted to Islam. The video of that little girl waking up and taking out of the coffin at her own funeral was shared by the people of Philippines who called it a miracle.

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