Philippine Girl Surprises By Waking Up

Philippine girl surprised everybody by waking up from her own funeral when she was taken there for burial. The news of her coming back to life was not less than a shock to everybody in the country of Philippines. They all could not believe their eyes and called it a miracle of Allah. She was declared dead by the doctors at the hospital when she stopped breathing.

Video of Philippine girl coming back to life from a dead state shocked the whole community who witness that incident. They all could not believe when they saw her father kissing the young daughter for the last time before she was buried in her grave. Miracle happened when he kissed her as that kiss became the kiss of life. Her father was surprised and exited at the same time.

The father then felt some life in her when she started to take long breaths. It was a moment that the father could not control and the tears started to come down from his eyes which were already in pain due to the big loss of her daughter. He started to shout for some help as other people who were present there at the funeral ceremony, rushed to get the doctors.

The Philippine doctors reached the location in hurry and she was taken out of the coffin which was about to be buried there after some time. The videos was made precisely at the same time when she was being taken out of the coffin and it could be seen that in the video that the father was holding his beloved daughter and taking her to the first aid at the same time. He was also praying to the Almighty for her quick recovery.

Philippine girl then was given immediate response by the doctors at the hospital. The little girl was also getting better although she could not speak a single word other than calling her parents. Such incident went viral on the social media and people who had watched the video could not disagree with the blessing of Allah on the family of Philippine.

Philippine Girl Wakes At Her Funeral

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