Peshawar Martyr Wakes Up Before Funeral

Peshawar martyr woke up before the funeral and stunned the whole city and the people who watched the news on the news channel. That was the most surprising news of the day when the man was martyred in the attack in the city and he was called dead by the management of the city. The family members of the martyr reached there in time.

Peshawar city emergency management called the family members when they were told that their relative was dead in the attack. The family members took the coffin of that man for the funeral but in their way they got stunned when they heard some sound from the coffin as if somebody was beating it hard from inside.

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The family members of that dead man were really scared since they had seen their relative dead in the coffin earlier. At that time some of the family members of that dead man thought of opening the coffin and they opened it up. They all were surprised to see that dead man alive and asking for the help. He was breathing and was injured badly in that attack.

News of Peshawar incident when the man was called martyr and was put in the coffin, shocked everyone including the family members of that martyr. The news was quite hot on the news channels. The family members of that dead man told the media that he was alive but the management called him dead.

Peshawar hospital was the place where that man was taken for the treatment that was called dead by the city management. Unfortunately that man, who was being taken for the funeral and got up just before that from the coffin, could not sustain the injuries he had on his body and he could not live for more than five hours. The family members of that man protested against the management who called him dead earlier just before the funeral.

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