Peshawar Incident of Dead Man Jolts Public

Peshawar incident of dead man that was injured in the attack jolted the media and the public when he got up just before he was about to be taken for the funeral ceremony. The news spread viral on the social media and on the news channel when the family members of that dead man talked to the media. He said that the dead man was being taken for the funeral that was put in the coffin by the city management.

City management of Peshawar called him dead and asked the family members of that martyr to take the coffin for the funeral. The most surprising thing that stunned the whole public was that family members of the dead man heard the sound from the coffin and they could not believe when they saw him alive in the coffin just before the funeral ceremony.

The family members of the dead man were really furious at the city management since they called him dead while he was alive but badly injured. He was taken out of the coffin while he was being taken for the funeral. The family member of that dead man told the media that he was alive but the city management called him dead. According to him they took him to the hospital for treatment but he could not survive.

Peshawar hospital doctors told them that had he been taken to the hospital earlier then the deadly called man might have survived. The family members were protesting against the city management since he was called dead and placed in the coffin for the funeral but in reality he was alive but badly injured.

Media of Peshawar highlighted the issue and tried to have contacts with the officials so that the culprits could be treated according to their negligence. The family members said that he could have survived had he been checked properly while he was not in the coffin and not taken for the funeral.


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