People of Thailand Find Baby in Plastic Bag

People of Thailand found baby in Plastic bag that was taken up by the pet animal dog when it was just roaming around on the dump site of the city. The animal thought the plastic bag to have something smelling like meat. The dog took that bag to the owner of it who just came out of her house and was surprised to see something in the mouth of the animal dog.

Residents of Thailand were shocked to see the animal taking a bag that had strange species in it. They opened the bag and were surprised to see the human baby inside it. The baby was newly born and then was taken to the hospital for the medical treatment. The doctors of the hospital confirmed that he was alive and was given the initial treatment.

That hospital staff called the media of the country that gave the news to the electronic media and the print media as well so that the parents of the baby could be found. Some people said that the parents themselves put the baby inside the bag since they might have not wanted it be seen by the public. The pictures of that baby that was taken up by the pet animal were shared on the social media from the hospital.

Thailand has been very famous for its beauty and the strange bag of baby found at the dumpsite by the animal dog was something very strange for every people all around the globe. The news went everywhere on the social media. The hospital staff was also quite surprised to see the ignorance of the parents of that baby that was found by the animal in the bag.

The news of Thailand happened to be not the first incident that was shared everywhere. Such incidents have happened in the past in the hospital many times when the doctors had heard such things. This was the most serious issue of the society that has been raising questions about the animal and the hospital.

Dog in Thailand Finds Baby in Plastic Bag

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