People Get Surprised by Elephant Baby in Norway

Human Like Baby Gets Born by Cow. Norway, a couple surprised the whole world and themselves too when they were blessed with an elephant like baby in the hospital. The appearance of that baby looked like a child elephant since he had the same kind of nose. The parents along with the hospital staff were also surprised to see that incident. The news was leaked through the hospital staff.

Media of Norway leaked the news for the sake of their rating and the news was spread all over the world including the country of India. Many Indians were scared when it came to visiting that country. Some of the people who were supposed to give birth to the babies got scared to travel to that country since they had that fear of having the same kind of appearance of their baby.

The news was leaked when the media guys reached the hospital and the doctors were also quite surprised since they never had seen such incident during their whole career in that hospital. It was the odd kind of incident that took place in the country. The analysis of the study by the doctors of the hospital discovered that it all happened due to the complicated issues during the pregnancy.

Norway was the country that was known for its beauty and people of different countries had been traveling there for the recreation. The same country has been disliked recently due to the appearance of that elephant like child when the people of India decided not to go there. They wanted to go to some other place so that they did not have any fear.

Incident of Norway shocked the whole world since it was the first time that the world was watching the same kind of appearance of child that looked like elephant. The pictures were shared by the media who were told by the hospital staff of the unique birth of the baby that looked like elephant. The story got the coverage from all over the world.

Elephant Like Human

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