Parlor Workers Caught by News Anchor

Female parlor workers caught doing bad acts for money and were exposed by the news anchor when he along with the crew of the news channel raided there. That place was raided after the news anchor was able to record the hidden video of the ladies who were working there and giving bad facilities to the different clients.

The parlor was being run by the an unknown male owner who was escaped from there since he got to know that the news anchor and the other staff members of the news channel were about to raid there with the help of the police men. The video of that incident was also recorded by the news anchor of the private news channel.

That bad act of the females who were working there was exposed when the news anchor of the news channel had visited that place and he recorded the video clip with the help of the hidden camera that was placed on his shirt. That place was a center and the people did not know what was going on there.

That parlor was raided and the news anchor revealed some bitter realities of the miserable lives of the poor females who worked there just for the sake of the money. The ladies, who were doing bad deeds for the pleasure purpose, had come from different cities of the country and it was quite shocking to know that some of ladies’ parents knew what they were doing.

The parlor was run by a person who got the news of the news channel raiding their place and he was clever enough to flee from there. The news anchor interviewed different ladies who were doing bad deeds to the men for the pleasure thing and they all said that they have been doing that since there was not anybody in their family who could earn for them.

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