Pakistani Lady Treats British Guy

Pakistani lady treated British guy in the train when he misbehaved with the Pakistani girl. The girl asked him to stay away from her but he did not do that. In reaction, Pakistani lady slapped on his face and gave him full treatment which he fully deserved. Other friends of that youngster stopped him to fight with the lone lady who was completely acting everything for her self defense.

British youngster wanted to slap her too but his friends stopped him from doing that. The treatment by the Pakistani brave lady raised awareness about women rights for the ladies who traveled alone in the other countries. Lots of people traveled through the trains in London but this type of incident happened for the very first time.

There was an incident when a drunk lady of England started abusing Pakistani boys in the train earlier. Those Pakistani boys did not respond to her language since they knew that she was not in her sense. The video of that incident was also happened in the Train in England.

British lady on that occasion kept on abusing the guys sitting alongside her but did not get any reaction from the youngsters.

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