Pakistan Produces Another Wasim Akram Cricketer

Pakistan produced Wasim Akram cricketer another one since the left arm fast bowler was as lethal as the former legend in his cricketing days. The left arm fast bowler bowled really magnificently with lots of swing and pace and never let the batting side come hard on him. That left arm fast bowler was the discovery in the cricket tournament that was held in Lahore.

Wasim Akram cricketer has been really amazing for team Pakistan and he was known as one of the top all rounder in world of cricket. During his cricketing days the left arm fast bowler had troubled many great batsmen and had all the qualities to be a special fast bowler. After his retirement, Pakistan was able to find another young cricketer Muhammad Amir.

Muhammad Amir had also earned success at very early age in world cricket as a left arm fast bowler. He impressed the whole cricketing fans and was known to be a blessing for Pakistan cricket team. Unfortunately he was banned from international cricket and all sorts of cricket since he was found to be illegal in the cricket world.

Wasim Akram cricketer was also very happy to see Muhammad Amir as the upcoming fast bowler. Muhammad Amir got suspended and other bowlers got the chance to fill his space but no one turned out to be that perfect. The recent cricket tournament was played in Lahore and Pakistan team was blessed to have another fast bowler just like the legend.

He was same as Wasim Akram Cricketer since he swung the ball and took five important wickets in a wonderful spell that he bowled in the cricket tournament. During the tournament that spell was the best he bowled since he got out the Captain Misbah for zero and also got give quick wicket after giving away just nine runs.

Wasim Akram Part 2

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