Pakistan Cricketers Surprise People

Pakistan cricketers surprised people who had come in the stadium to support them when they lost the match that looked easy for win. They had to score two runs on the last over of the match that was played in Dubai cricket stadium. Shahid Afridi was standing in the pavilion since the performance of the players in the middle of the ground was not satisfactory.

Pakistan cricketers did not expect an effort that was shown by the players in the middle. Shahid Afridi along with other players had done very well to keep the momentum in their favor. Shahid Afridi played his role and Pakistan team was about to win the important match against Australia. Due to the high intense pressure the young players of Pakistan lost their confidence.

Shahid Afridi could not believe and started to stand up in tension. He was not happy with the performance of other players. Australia players have been very popular for having strong mentality in tough situations. Australia fielders also supported the bowling of their bowlers. Strong batting line of Pakistan could not sustain pressure.

Batting of Pakistan cricketers turned out to be naïve as they gave away easy wickets to the non regular bowlers and spinners. In the last over they were left with only two wickets. Muhammad Irfan and other spinner had to achieve the target against the spin bowlers of Australia. Shahid Afridi was in real tense when the last recognized batsman got out.

Pakistan cricketers kept on missing out the simple deliveries off the bowling of spin bowler of Australia and in the end Pakistan lost the match that was looking quite simple to win. Shahid Afridi looked very upset due to the bad performance of Pakistan team. The captain of Pakistan team was also very dejected after the poor show of the middle order batsmen since they could not continue the good work of Shahid Afridi and company.

2 Runs Needed on just 6 Balls

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