Pakistan Cricketers Need 2 Runs on 6 Balls

Pakistan cricketers needed two runs on just six balls against the heavy Australia team in the Dubai cricket stadium. Pitches of Dubai never had any juice for the fast balls that could have made troubles for the team. All the player of Australia thought that they might not win the match but Pakistani made their thoughts wrong when the last wickets did not survive on the spin bowling. Shahid Afridi looked very nervous since he had never thought them to be losing that match.

Pakistani cricketers had played very well in the middle over innings but at the end of the innings Australia had come back strongly making the match evenly poised. The fielders of Australia had bowled really well throughout the innings. Shahid Afridi was quite satisfied with the performance of the team and he thought that Pakistan would win it comfortably.

Shahid Afridi got worried when Pakistan lost quick wickets in the middle of the innings and also the bowlers of Australia started to contain the runs. They had dried up the runs and did not leak the runs. The match started to become very sensational since Australia bowlers were able to get few quick wickets and the set batsmen of Pakistan got out at very important stage.

Pakistani cricketers who were sitting in the pavilion got very worried about the situation and Shahid Afridi could not sit there due to the difficult situation. The moment last over came; the left arm batsman of Pakistan cricket team Sohail Tanvir was batting. They needed only two runs in the last over and Shahid Afridi along with the other players thought that Pakistan could win it.

Pakistani cricketers got very worried since Sohail Tanvir got out in the second last over and Muhammad Irfan had to play the last over that was troubling the players including Shahid Afridi. Shahid Afridi could not believe that their hard was not paying those rich dividends and the players of Australia won that match for them.

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