Pakistan Cricket Team Meets Difficulty

Pakistan cricket team met with difficulty when their bus got some problem and it just stopped on the way to their hotel rooms. The incident happened when the players were coming back to their hotel room from the stadium. All the security staff was called in as the Bangladesh board wanted to give full assurance to the Pakistani players.

Pakistan cricket team had to go through some difficulty when they were going back to their hotel rooms from the stadium. That incident happened when the players were going after the training session that was held in the stadium. That news was not aired in Pakistan since nobody could notice it. Indian news channel reported that news on their private news channel.

A substitute bus was arranged by the management of Bangladesh since Pakistan was touring their country and they had to take full responsibility and give security to the players. Players had to wait there for some time until the bus arrived. The reporter has also arrived at that time when the bus stopped running.

Pakistan cricket team was provided security as the men also reached there to give assurance to the security of the players as they had to be safe and sound in the other country. The video of that incident was on aired on the Indian news channel but in Pakistan the news channels were unable to get that information.

Cricket team practice session was held in the stadium and after the tough training session all the players were tired and they wanted to be in their hotel rooms in time. They did not expect such thing since it has never happened in the history. The maintenance of that bus was handed over to the management of the Bangladesh board since they had to look into the matter from stadium to the hotel rooms.

Cricket Team Gets in Trouble

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