Pakistan Cricket Team Gets In Trouble

Pakistan cricket team got in trouble during their tour to Bangladesh. The strange incident happened when Pakistani players were going to the hotel room from the stadium. The whole bus was full of players got in trouble when the bus stopped moving in the mid way. There was some technical issue in the bus that was taking the players to the hotel.

The cricket team of Pakistan had played the match in the stadium and in the night they had to travel to the hotel through the bus. Although the security was given to the players but then in the middle of their way to hotel, their bus got some technical issues in it and it stopped on the middle of the way. All the players had to remain in the bus.

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The players got worried as they did not know that how much it would take to get to the hotel from the stadium. The security department of the Bangladesh board arranged a second bus in time and it had reached at the same place where the bus was disrupted in the middle of the way from the stadium to the hotel.

Cricket team had to wait for some time in the previous bus that had problems and no service man could reach at that time. The security concerns people of the Bangladesh board decided to arrange a bus that could be exchanged with the old one. It was an issue that was highlighted on the Indian news channels but no Pakistani channel reported any news on it.

The cricket team of other country did not have any problem in their bus so they reached at the hotel rooms in time from the stadium. The news channel reporter also reached at the mid way where the bus was stopped and he started giving reports courtesy his news channel. The distance of hotel from the stadium was not that much the players remain in the old bus until the next arrived.

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