One Eyed Baby Shocks Israel

Israel officials got amazed by the birth of strange baby in the hospital when doctors shared the video of a baby that got birth with only one eye. The baby was different from all the births that happened in the hospital. The doctors of that hospital never experienced such birth in their hospital. They witnessed it for the first time in their entire work history.

Media of Israel shared the news on their channels since some people talked about it being Dajjal that was supposed to born somewhere near the dooms day. Due to that one eyed baby it was being related to Dajjal. That hospital was known for the best facilities in the country and nobody ever complained about the doctors either.

The doctors of that hospital had been giving treatment to the mother who gave birth to that one eyed baby. They had never expected such birth of a baby with one eye only. Many such births have been reported in the world that shocked the whole world since they baby were born with different disabilities.

Baby in Israel was reported to be the first one in the whole country with that sort of disability. The doctors were not hopeful for his good health since the other professors of the hospital also believed them to be not healthy ones. They said that such babies never had good health since they never got proper growth before they were born. Another such baby was born when her both legs were joined together.

Strange news of Israel went around the world and it was shared all over the social media. Many people said that they had never seen such baby with one eye. The hospital had good history of caring the patients and the babies that were born with caring doctors as well.

One Eye Baby in Israel

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