One Eyed Baby in Israel Gets Born

Israel was the country where a strange baby was born that shocked the whole world. That baby was different from other kids was due to his eye as he was born with only one eye. People started to believe that he belonged to Dajjal that was supposed to be born on earth. The news of that one eyed baby got viral everywhere in the country and other countries as well.

News of Israel was shared on the media as well when so many people shared it on their time line on the social media. The baby was born in the hospital and the doctors were surprised to see the condition of the baby. All the doctors and the hospital staff were really amazed at the one eyed baby since they never saw that kind of baby that ever got birth in that hospital.

The video of the one eyed baby was recorded by one of the doctors of the hospital when he was born. The parents of the baby were told by the doctors and they also were shocked to see their baby who got birth with only one eye. Doctors were not quite hopeful for his good health as the history had different say about such babies.

Baby of Israel that got fame all over the country and other countries of the world as well was watched by lots of people courtesy the social media. The doctors of that hospital said that it was the first time that they had watched such strange baby who was born with one eye only. Earlier news was also shared on social media when a baby girl was born with the looks of mermaid.

Officials of Israel also got the information about the birth of that one eyed baby in the hospital courtesy the media. They also were amazed as lots of foreigners talked about the birth of that baby.

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