Norway Couple Gives Birth of Elephant Like Baby

In Norway, a couple gave birth to a child that looked like an elephant baby. The appearance of the baby surprised the whole world including the people of India who got scared to visit that country since they had fear of having the same kind of babies in the future. The elephant like baby was born in the hospital and the couple did not want anybody to have a look at him.

The Norway people also were amazed to see the elephant like baby. The media leaked the pictures of the baby that looked like elephant despite of the fact that parents did not want anybody to know that their kid looked like an elephant. The news was also shared by the hospital staff in that country which was shared on the electronic media as well.

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The news was quite amazing for the people of India and many Hindus got fair of having the same kind of appearance of their baby who was supposed to have birth. The Hindus were quite scared since they had that fear of having the same kind of appearance once they had that opportunity of having baby. A short documentary was shared on the internet that had pictures of that baby that looked like elephant.

Media of Norway leaked the pictures from the hospital since doctors were also quite amazed at the birth of that elephant like birth. The news was the odd one in the history of the human being. The couple was told that the appearance of that kid was due to the complications during her pregnancy.

Government of Norway also was quite interested in the news as they also felt fear in the new born babies in their hospital. The doctors of that hospital tried very hard to know that fact of that baby appearance of elephant but they were also unable to find the answer.

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