NGOs Report Indecent Festival

NGOs reported indecent festival that started in India. All the media channels and social media showed the festival that attracted the whole country of India. The indecent festival started in the past when so many girls were offered for the men who mistreated them badly. The news went like fire in the whole India.

NGOs have been raising the voice for the women rights all over the country but nobody took care of the incident. They had protested against such shameful act in which so many boys and men harassed the ladies despite of the fact that it was done intentionally. The officials of the Government have been also participating in the event that had strong effects on the live so the ladies.

The media channels and the social clubs have been also speaking for the women rights. Women rights needed to given to the ladies in India but instead of giving them to the ladies, they have been mistreated badly by group of men. It had become the festival which has been celebrated every year in the history of the India.

Protest of NGOs was also held in different parts of the country so that all the responsible people could notice it and save the give the women rights to all the ladies living in the country of India. The media channels had also discussed the issue in their programs but it went all in vain since no action was still taken by them.

People of NGOs highlighted the issue of that immoral festival that has been celebrated by the officials of the Government as well but still many ladies were reported to be devoid of women rights. The protests have been called in different parts of the world to avoid such festival from the country. That particular news was also shard on the social media and the media channels as well.

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