NGOs Protest Against Immoral Festival

NGOs protested against the immoral festival that was started in India in which so many girls and ladies were offered to the men of the society for the shameful act. The festival had included the misbehavior with the ladies and the females of the country. Despite of the fact that the women rights were supposed to be given to the ladies yet they have been living devoid of that.

News of NGOs protesting against the immoral festival was circulated the whole country but their voice was not heard properly by the officials of the Government. It has been told earlier to the media channels and the social media clubs that women rights have been on the priority for the members of the Parliament of Indian country.

Women have been living with so much difficulties of life in the India yet they have been proud of not bowing down to the men in a society which was supposed to be known for the male dominating society. Media channels and the social clubs have been supporting the cause of women rights on the internet and on the electronic media.

NGOs working for the cause of women rights have been appreciated by some of the department of the Government when they have been given chance to raise their points on the social media. They have been also given chance at the international level to highlight the issue in which so many ladies have been mistreated by group of people in the festival.

NGOs also represented some of the ladies in their organization who were the victim of such festival. They told the media channels that the Government officials have been boasting about the implementation of the women rights in the routine life of the ladies in the country. Such ladies deserved to be protected from the people who might harm them for raising the point of women rights on the media channels.

Shameful Festival

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