News of Cricket Team Qualifying for Final

News of Cricket Team of Pakistan qualifying in the final of the world cup surprised everyone. One of the private channels broke this news that had gone viral on the social media. According to the host of the news channel, men in green have been replaced with West Indies cricket team to play against England in the final.

Cricket Team qualified for the final of the world cup. The surprising news was shared on the news channel that had shocked all the people who were watching that news channel. They reported Pakistani men to replace West Indies in the final of the world cup. It looked quite impossible for the viewers to accept the fact that West Indies cricket team really worked hard the other day to reach in the final.

The news of that final of the world cup being played by Pakistani men was fake news that was revealed at the end of the headlines. The anchors started smiling by telling viewers that they were just making fun since it was going to be first of April on which people should be aware of April fool day. It was not the wrong reporting rather they wanted to make people aware of such act.

Pakistan Cricket Team players also were in chaos after switching their TV on. They did not know that they were allowed to play the final with England in the world cup. They called each other what was going on the social media and on news channels. They got to know the reality at the end of the breaking news when the anchors revealed everything.

Cricket Team of Pakistan could not play the semi final of the world cup due to the bad performance of all the players. The captain of the Pakistani men had apologized to the nation for dismal show in the world cup. West Indies had played better cricket than Pakistan and other teams so they qualified for the final to play the barmy army.

Cricket Team of Pakistan Qualified for Final

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