News Anchor Raids Parlor

News anchor raided parlor in the posh area where the female workers had been selling themselves for the sake of money to the male persons for the pleasure purpose. The shocking story was broke by the news anchor of the news channel that had also visited there earlier and recorded the whole work that was being done there.

In that parlor, the news anchor was also brought there for the same shameful act with the ladies who were intentionally doing that immoral act just for the sake of money. All the male persons who had come there for having pleasure with the ladies were caught by the police men. The news anchor was quite surprised to see so many girls sitting there and doing shameful act.

The ladies started to hide their faces so that they were not recognized on the media. News channel did not show their faces and censored them so that they did not feel shame in front of so many people who were watching the report of the news channel. Such raids have been done with the help of the news anchor who had played vital role in stopping such activities.

That parlor was famous as the massage centre but the raid of the news anchor with the help of other staff members of the news channel revealed that there was not any massage facility available there. All the ladies were brought in there with the help of dealers who had earned quite good commission of money from the owner of the center.

That parlor was banned and all the men along with the female workers, who carried out such bad acts, were caught by the police men. The news channel showed that report on air and the viewers got to know how poor people have been living in the country since they did not have enough legal money to feed their family members.

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