New Zealand Cricketer Scores 18 Runs on 1 Ball

New Zealand Cricketer scored 18 runs on just one ball and amazed the whole cricketing world. Scott Styris was the batsman who was batting in the cricket league in England. The bowler was trying to bowl very past to the all rounder but the batsman did not get scared of the bowling of the fast bowler. The crowd wanted to see huge sixes in the cricket league match in England.

New Zealand Cricketer has represented his team many times in the international cricket and performed very well. This time around he had amazed the world by scoring eighteen runs on just one ball in the cricket league in England. The supporters were really excited at the hitting of the batsman in the league matches.

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First ball of the over was called a no ball since it was a full toss over the waist height. The umpire called it a no ball and it was left by the wicket keeper that went to the boundary. That ball cost six runs of that single ball. The next ball was almost the same but the next ball was called no ball by the umpire for over stepping the foot.

New Zealand Cricketer was able to score boundary on the second ball that was a no ball as well. The umpire gave free hit to the batsman since the no ball was due to the over stepping of the bowler. The supporters in the cricket league were really pleased and were expecting big hit on the free delivery. That match was played in England.

New Zealand Cricketer had scored twelve runs but not a single ball was bowled. The bowler in the cricket league has to ball a free hit and it was quite surprising that the batsman hit the free hit ball over the boundary.

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