New Zealand Batsmen Dominate

New Zealand batsmen dominated the first innings of the world cup match against the Pakistani bowlers. The cricket match was played on a pitch that suited the batsmen and never helped any bowler. All the bowlers struggled from the Pakistan cricket team side other than one bowler. Muhammad Sami looked the most attractive bowler from the Pakistan side.

New Zealand batsmen did not feel any trouble as far as the swing was concerned in the world cup match that was played in India. Despite of the fact that they have won the last match against the host India, Pakistani bowlers did not look to have worked on the batting strengths of the opposition. The wickets that were taken by the Pakistan bowlers in the world cup match was only five.

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The cricket match has been watched all over the globe since it was the most important match for both the countries. Pakistan cricket team struggled through out the world cup match. The chairman of the cricket board also gave a statement about the performance of the Pakistan cricket team during the world cup match that people should not have had lots of hopes.

New Zealand bowlers also struggled in the start of the innings. The bowlers struggled on that wicket of the world cup match. Although Pakistan had two main spinners in their team but they were not as helpful as the Kiwis bowler during their win against the India. They have been using their pacers in the matches.

The captain of New Zealand cricket team was very supportive to all the batsmen when they were in the middle of innings of the cricket match of the world cup. He had played lots of good innings and was known as the best batsmen from the Kiwis side who was among the runs during the whole season.

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