Kiwis Batsman Smashes twelve Runs

Kiwis batsman Adams pulled off a stunner in a county cricket match when he surprised the whole world including the commentators by hitting twelve runs on the final ball of the match. Nobody could have expected such thing from that player. The situation looked unbelievable and it looked impossible.

Kiwis were happy to see the thrilling finish of the county cricket match. Everybody was excited about the game of cricket. They did not want to leave the cricket ground as the match was progressed to the last ball of the match. Adams was on strike and he was supposed to be the all rounder who could hit big sixes on the small grounds.

Adams was quite lucky that he received a beamer from the bowler and the he also got one extra two extra runs on the no ball from the bowler. The final delivery got the attention of all the people who had come there and who were watching the thrilling county cricket match on the live TV. The match had become so intense that all the people felt the intensity.

Bowling on Kiwis pitches was never as difficult as it looked right at that time when the bowler started to bowl to the batsman inform Adams. The history was created when the batman managed to hit the six on the long off boundary. Commentators shouted like as if they were from the batting side in the county cricket match.

Record in Kiwis ground was made. The players from the batting side entered the ground by running like winners. Nobody expected such a run chase on the last ball of the match. Adams was the hero who was able to make the world record in the county cricket match. The video of that last ball was watched by almost one hundred thousand people on the internet.

Kiwis Batsman Scores 12 Runs on 1 ball

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