Nation Shows Love for Cricket Players

Cricket players of Pakistan team were treated with different responses when the supporters had placed the posters of Shahid Afridi and Umer Akmal on the walls. They had taken roses for their hero Shahid Afridi and threw eggs and tomatoes on the poster of Umer Akmal. They all  knew that their hero Shahid Afridi played with his hear out while Umer Akmal did not play neat sport.

Cricket performance of some players were below the normal and they were criticized for that by the nation and the commentators as well. During the world cup news were circulating about the grouping among the team. Many journalists were also talking about the difference among the players of the Pakistan team.

The first hint was given during the press conference when Shahid Afridi criticized the performance of some players by saying that they did not give hundred percent performance during the world cup. Umer Akmal was the man who became the heading of the news along with Shoaib Malik. Umer Akmal has been in the news in the past as well.

Cricket Team could not perform up to the expectations of the nation as all the supporters back at home in Pakistan wanted all the players including Shahid Afridi and Umer Akmal to give out their hundred percent but it did not happen. As Pakistan team kept on losing the matches the anger of the nation and the supporters felt really bad for the players other Shahid Afridi.

The Cricket stars have been appreciated very well in the country since the induction of the young boy who came to the scene in the international arena. Although he could not come up to the talent he possessed yet he was being loved by so many people all over the world. The recent performance that jolted the whole nation made the supporters to throw eggs and tomatoes on Umer Akmal posters.

Shahid Afridi and Umer Akmal Reception

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