NASA Confirms Muhammad PBUH Written on Mars

Planet Mars showed the name of the Prophet PBUH on it when the pictures were taken by the world organization responsible for satellite studies. It has showed that certain ups and downs on the surface of the planet of Mars had become the name of the Prophet PBUH. The video was released and it certainly proved the Muslims right.

Such name of Prophet PBUH was also seen by non Muslims as well and they started to believe. Some of them were really amazed to see that it looked as if someone has written with the hand. The Arabic word of Prophet PBUH was visible to everyone. It was really a surprise for the whole community of the Scientists who were getting the pictures.

The video has some facts about the planets and it focused on the Mars. Some of the people did not believe but when they were told about the exact name of the Prophet of Muslims, they got surprised. Muslim community has been preaching to the non Muslims as well. Those non Muslims were really impressed by the nature after they had seen the images that were uploaded by the world organization. It was a true phenomenon by the Muslims.

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