Muralitharan Faces Shahid Afridi

Muralitharan faced Shahid Afridi for the first time in international cricket history in Sri Lanka. Fans of cricket and people all around the world witness an amazing incident when Shahid Afridi got his world record on just 37 balls. He did this in that over of the spinner of Sri Lanka by hitting two huge sixes and one boundary. The spinner did not know how to contain him.

Muralitharan after that match became the finest bowlers of Sri Lanka when he ended his career with 800 test wickets. Nobody expected that a young cricketer of Pakistan could hit that hard in the second match he played for Pakistan. The pitches of Sri Lanka did not have any swing and seem so the Pakistani captain decided to send in a pinch hitter.

Shahid Afridi started his innings with the huge sixes and kept on hitting them until he neared the world record of fastest century in the cricket history. Saeed Anwar was the senior player on the other end that kept on motivating the young Shahid Afridi. All the bowlers of Sri Lanka thought that Shahid Afridi could not bat that long.

Muralitharan could not spin the bowl that could trouble the young Shahid Afridi. He did not get scared of the bowling of fast bowlers either. Even the experienced fast bowlers of Sri Lanka team did not get any chance to beat the bat of the pinch hitter. The captain decided to introduce their main bowler who could get them wicket.

That Muralitharan over of match brought the fastest century on just 37 balls. In that over Shahid Afridi smashed two huge sixes and a boundary that brought up the world record. Sri Lanka supporters did not have any other option other than clapping when Shahid Afridi got the hundred. It was the moment when history was being created.

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