Muralitharan Bowls to Shahid Afridi

Muralitharan bowled to Shahid Afridi in the match in which he made world record of fastest century. That was the first over that the spinner of Sri Lanka bowled to the all rounder of Pakistan. In that match Shahid Afridi hit two sixes and a boundary that took him to the world record. Before that spinner of Sri Lanka other non regular bowlers bowled to him but Shahid Afridi did not spare the bowler of Sri Lanka who was considered to be the best bowler.

Muralitharan never imagined that one of the youngest cricketers of Pakistan cricket team Shahid Afridi would hit him out of the park twice in the same over. It was the same over in which Shahid Afridi made his world record of fastest century of the cricket history. It was only the second match of his career but got the chance to bat only for the first time against Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka.

Other bowlers of Sri Lanka were also getting penalized by the young man who just played his first international cricket match for Pakistan against Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka. That young cricketer of Pakistan was not known to anybody since that match was not telecasted on the TV. The news went viral in Sri Lanka and all over Pakistan.

Muralitharan also was quite young at that time and he did not expect such reaction of the young cricketer and all rounder of Pakistan cricket team Shahid Afridi. Shahid Afridi was the only bowler in the lineup of Pakistan cricket team who could be sent as pinch hitter on the pitches of Sri Lanka. The bowlers of Sri Lanka could not believe their eyes since the world record was being held.

Young Muralitharan never knew the power of the pinch hitter since it was the decision of the Pakistani captain to send Shahid Afridi as an opener. Shahid Afridi was hitting quite well in the nets during the preparations of the Pakistan cricket team during Sri Lanka tour. He used to hit hard the balls in the nets.

Shahid Afridi vs Muralitharan

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