Muhammad Yousaf Strikes First Time

Muhammad Yousaf struck for the first time in international cricket when he started to bowl for the very first time. Luckily he got the wicket on the first ball of the Zimbabwe batsman. He along with the other players of the Pakistan team was very happy for the first wicket on the very first ball of the international cricket.

Muhammad Yousaf was known to be middle order batsman and had come up as the real back bone of Pakistan team in the international cricket matches. He along with the captain of Pakistan cricket team made some huge runs and won the matches for the team. Pakistan was about to win the match against Zimbabwe as Zimbabwe could not score what was required to win the match.

Zimbabwe team had been very hard working but since the departure of some of the players, their performance had gone down. The middle order batsman of Pakistan international cricket team was called by the captain to bowl for the first time in his international cricket career. He was really excited to bowl.

Muhammad Yousaf could not be happier than the result of the bowling for the first time. He got the wicket on the very first ball that he bowled in the match against Zimbabwe. The batsman played the shot in the air towards the mid off fielder. That fielder was the captain of the Pakistan cricket team who held the catch.

Muhammad Yousaf was jubilant when he bowled the first ball and took the wicket on it. The moment the captain caught the catch, every player of the Pakistan international cricket team came to congratulate the middle order batsman. He was the luckiest player of the Pakistan team who got the wicket against the poor Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe batsman did not have the skills to defend the ball.

Muhammad Yousaf 1st Wicket on 1st Ball

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