Muhammad Yousaf Gets 1st Wicket in International Cricket

Muhammad Yousaf, Pakistan middle order batsman got his first wicket in international cricket when he was able to get the batsman out via catch through the captain of Pakistan cricket team. Pakistan team almost won that match so the captain of the Pakistan team decided to give him the ball so that he could roll over his arm.

Bowling of Muhammad Yousaf was never seen in his entire career until he was asked to bowl the first over of the international cricket by the captain of the Pakistan cricket team against Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe was on the verge on the loss against the Pakistan team when the middle order batsman was about to open up his arms.

The moment he came to bowl every player of the Pakistan cricket team expected a shot from the batsman of Zimbabwe. The middle order strong batsman of Pakistan team had something different to offer. He reached the umpire and bowled a full pitch delivery to the batsman of Zimbabwe who did not have the skills to play the shot all along the carpet.

Muhammad Yousaf could not believe what happened afterwards as the batsman played the shot up in the air but straight to the fielder who was the captain of the Pakistan cricket team himself. That was the most exciting moment of the middle order batsman of his international cricket career as he got the first wicket on the first ball.

Bowling of Muhammad Yousaf was something very new to the spectators and they were also surprised to see the batsman of Zimbabwe who gave away the wicket to the right arm medium pacer. The batsman of Zimbabwe cricket team could not defend the ball of the right arm bowler who never bowled in his entire international career. All the Pakistani players were as excited as he had won the match for the country.

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