Muhammad Sami Takes Wickets on Consecutive Deliveries

Muhammad Sami took two wickets on the consecutive deliveries and he tried his hard out to get the next one to complete his wicket but could not get succeeded. Pakistani pacer has been bowling with great pace in the world cup matches and has been bowling pretty well. He took couple of wickets but other bowlers did not help him out to put pressure from the other end.

Muhammad Sami was the second change fast bowler for the Pakistani team and he has been brought up by the captain to take wickets so that Pakistani team could make a come back in the world cup match. Pakistani team could not make huge score in the first innings and they had to defend a very low total against the strong batting line up.

Although the world cup match was won by the Indian cricket team and Pakistani team could not bring happiness to the faces of the nation yet the fast bowler did pretty well with the ball in that over. It was for the first time that a bowler was able to bowl the hatrick ball in the world cup match. He bowled the hatrick ball with great pace but could not get the wicket on the third ball.

Muhammad Sami has been playing cricket matches for many years and he had made a come back in this world cup match after the impressive performance in the Asia cup. Although the world cup match was curtailed to eighteen overs yet it meant to be a intense pressure match for both the countries. Many actors and actresses of Indian country also were present in the stadium.

Hatrick ball of Muhammad Sami could not bring rich dividends for the Pakistani team but it did not happen. Other fast bowlers of the Pakistani team could not perform up to the required standard.

Muhammad Sami Two Wickets

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