Muhammad Sami Gets Message for Under Performance

Muhammad Sami got message for under performance in the cricket team while he was playing the Pakistan Super League in Dubai. Chief Selector did that cheap thing with the fast bowler who was taking break fast having bowled wonderful in the match day before. The cricket team of the world cup was not selected at that time and his performance was asking to be bringing him in the side.

Muhammad Sami was one of the quickest bowlers who played really well in the domestic season and also in the famous Pakistan super league. He pressurized the chief selector to select him in the cricket team of the World cup. The incident that happened at the table of the break fast surprised everyone. The revelation was given by one of the analysts and the anchor of the sports show.

The cricket team has been under lots of criticism for under performance in the ongoing world cup cricket tournament. Poor selection of the cricket team has been the talk of the town on every news channel. One of the finest anchor and cricket analyst Doctor Nauman revealed that news about the chief selector.

Muhammad Sami had put lots of pressure on the selection committee since his performance spoke for himself. The strange incident happened with the fast bowler of the cricket team. The chief selector had come to the table of the fast bowler and said to him that his team might not be able to select him since there was no place in the side to bring or change any player which was supposed to be announced.

Chief selector said to Muhammad Sami that they had only chance of picking him in the cricket team was as a batsman since they did not need any fast bowler in the cricket team at that moment. The journalist who revealed such news was also sitting near the fast bowler and the chief selector.

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