Muhammad Sami Gets Demoralized

Muhammad Sami got demoralized by the chief selector of the national cricket team. This incident happened when the fast bowler was performing very well in the Pakistan super league. It was revealed by the cricket analyst and the host of the program on the private news channel. He revealed that the fast bowler was on the table of the breakfast while the chief selector came and talked to him.

Muhammad Sami was very dejected about that comments of the chief selector of the national cricket team. Chief selector of the national Pakistan cricket team was also criticized due to the inclusion of a batsman who did not participate in the Pakistan super league. Later on he did not apologize for the wrong selection instead he was very confident that it turned out to be a bad decision but they did not feel any bad.

Pakistan cricket team recently has been down and under because of their performances in the international team. Many news were circulated during the recent defeats of the national cricket team of Pakistan. Some of the journalists and the analysts said that some of the cricket team players were involved in the grouping.

Muhammad Sami tried his heart out in the cricket team and played with lots of hear. Supporters also appreciated the effort of the fast bowler who could not impress the chief selector and the whole team management. Many commentators also did not like performance of Pakistan cricket team due to the talent of the Pakistan cricket team.

Muhammad Sami was able to get the attention of the whole nation since he played with real devotion and wanted to win the match for the country. The main reason for the defeats was the poor selection of the cricket team players who had been involved in the grouping. It has been noticed that they might be sacked at the end of the tournament.

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