Muhammad PBUH Gets Written on Mars by NASA

NASA confirmed the appearance of the name of the Prophet PBUH on Mars. The video showed released by the company itself and it has proved the existence of the sacred name on that planet. People earlier did not believe what the Muslim community has told to the world. The Pictures through the satellite of the whole planets showed that the Muslim community was right.

NASA has been the organization which was responsible for the taking pictures of whole world through satellite channels. It has sent many spaceships in the space so that they could find out what really existed in the space. Some of the pictures it has taken through the spaceships that there was certainly a name existed on the planet of Mars.

The video that consisted of all the pictures, proved the phenomenon that the sacred name of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH appeared on the planet of Mars. Muslims were not surprised by it since they knew that it could happen courtesy the God Almighty. After the release of the video of that organization dealing with the satellites in the space, other people from different religions started to believe the idea about the name of the Prophet PBUH.

Muhammad PBUH Written on Mars

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