Muhammad Asif vs Herschelle Gibbs

Muhammad Asif vs Herschelle Gibbs happened when he bowled an in swing ball to the right hand batsman. The batsman could not understand the swing of the delivery and was deceived and got bowled out. The captain of the team batting in the middle was sitting in the dressing room with lots of concerns since the match was evenly poised.

Australian batsman had faced many bowlers in his entire career but he was totally bamboozled by the in swing ball of the pace bowler of Pakistan. Muhammad Asif learnt the art of the swing bowling later in his career. At the start of his international career, he was not as effective as he was developed in the later stage of the international career.

Muhammad Asif was getting lots of wickets through his swing bowling and was getting lots of appreciation from the experts and the cricket fans for his brilliant swing bowling. His fame and cricketing career was effected by the allegations and he was ruled out of the cricket team. International cricket council banned him for almost seven years.

Australian batsmen got really relaxed after the ban of the swing bowler of Pakistan cricket team who was really threat to the opposition.

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