Muhammad Amir Flies to Take Catch

Muhammad Amir Flies to Take Catch of Pakistan cricket team was caught cheating with the cricket team when he dropped simple catch off his own bowling. The England batsman played with the soft hands but the ball went straight to the bowler who did not catch the simple return catch. The supporters sitting in the stadium started to abuse him for his poor performance in the fielding.

That famous cricketer has played lots of cricket throughout the world in many cricket leagues. This time around he was alleged by the supporters who were present in the stadium. Bowler dropped the catch while he tried to catch it with his shoulder. The fans in the stadium were really angry at the effort of the bowler.

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According to the expert and commentators they said that it was a simple caught and bowled chance that was not accepted knowingly. The supporters in the stadium raised questions on the performance of the bowler and said that he was capable of taking catch of that England batsman but did not give his hundred percent efforts.

Famous cricketer was then probed by the team management who showed him the leaked video of that catch which he dropped. The video also showed that the left arm fast bowler had all the time in the world to catch it with ease but did not take it. The stadium was full of Pakistani supporters and they were really angry at the last delivery.

Famous cricketer of Pakistan said that he did not drop it intentionally rather he tried his best to catch the ball but the ball came out of his hand and struck him on his shoulder. Sohail Tanveer was the bowler who was criticized for saving the wicket of England batsman who was lucky enough to carry on batting throughout the innings.


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