Muhammad Amir Bowls Sensational Spell

Muhammad Amir bowled a sensational spell in the Asia cup after his come back in the international cricket. He made a come back to the international cricket after five years of ban. Everybody thought that he would be rusty while bowling in the in the international cricket but he proved everybody wrong in the Asia cup.

Muhammad Amir got 3 quick wickets to put pressure on the strong batting line up of India. He got the wicket on the second ball of the innings. The opener of the India team was very lucky as he survived the very first ball leg before wicket shout that looked very close. Every player of the Pakistan cricket team thought they would get the decision in their favor but umpire thought otherwise.

The fast bowler of Pakistan cricket team showed everybody that he still was sharp as he was five years ago when the got the wicket on the second ball. The umpire waited for a second and then gave the batsman out on the second delivery. The crowd went crazy since they all thought the decision should have been given in the favor of the bowling side on the first ball of the match.

Muhammad Amir 3 for 3

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